Villa Coeur Vanille has 3 rooms decorated with care and  changes its decoration according to its occupants.

Chambre Bonheur

Happiness Bedroom

The "cocoon" and romantic spirit of this room will delight you...
Equipped with a 160 x 200 cm bed, a pretty refined dressing table and its seat, a cupboard and wardrobe, but also an traditional cradle to accommodate your little darlings... It has too a small safe to keep your precious belongings secure.
Whatever the decoration, the atmosphere will remain soft and cosy...

Chambre Rêve

Dream Bedroom

What could be better for your young children than this specially adapted and secure room? But it will suit as well for single adults or couples because it is easily adaptable!


It is equipped with 2 single beds (90 x 200 cm), which we can put side by side to make a double bed or to prevent your children falling from the bed (edge to the bed). It also has a closet, a security gate at the door and a secure window.

Decorated with as much care as each of the other two rooms, this one is full of tenderness in all its details and each of the decorations makes us dream.

Chambre Voyage

Travel Bedroom

The travel room is equipped with a 140 x 200 cm bed and a wardrobe that will allow you to store your belongings.

This room is on the upper floor. It is very well aired because of its original window.

Its decoration is "younger", more sparkling and simply makes you travel...